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Get out of DEBT!!

What if we could show you how to be out of debt, increase your cash flow, reduce your taxes all without spending any additional dollars than you are spending right now?

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The average individual pays 34% of the money they earn in a lifetime out to interest. This interest goes to cars, credit cards, student loans, mortgages, all the things we finance is interest going out …and we pay taxes!

About $.40 of every dollar the average American earns goes out to taxes. Everything from income tax, to sales tax, capital gains tax, gas tax, estate tax etc.

This leaves approximately 26% to pay for everything else like vehicles, clothes, insurance, gas etc. We call this Lifestyle money. Of this amount only 3% goes towards savings...

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Most financial advisors concentrate on that 3% savings. You know what they say... “You’ve got to save more money” but most people are unable.

At Leverage Capital we focus on the problem, 34% going to interest and 40% to taxes.

What if we could reduce that 34% going to interest and also reduce taxes? This would allow for more lifestyle money and would also free up cash to contribute towards savings!

Utilizing our access to a proprietary software and using the Your Family Bank 7 steps of Money Management, we can do just that.

Small business owners are largely under-served in the financial landscape. In the early years of the business, money is lean. Every penny is used to keep the business afloat. Saving habits need to start as soon as possible but are sometimes pushed aside because the business is hungry and must be fed. Often, small business owners feed this hunger by acquiring substantial debt. They need new employees to grow the business, more marketing dollars to sell their product or service, and the list goes on.
What if we could...
  • Reduce the volume of interest you are paying to lenders. 


  • Get out of debt 3X faster.


  • Increase your cash-flow.


  • Decrease your taxes.


  • Reduce Risk.


  • Retire with tax-favored income.

Would this be worth your time?

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  Tel: 435.218.7868 / Toll Free 855.262.0118

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Leverage Capital is an affiliate company of Your Family Bank.

For over a decade Your Family Bank has been a name clients can trust. Our unique approach to financial education has always centered around families. We believe that financially strong homes today, lay the foundation to bright futures for tomorrow's generation.

Unlike most financial advisors, who primarily focus on advising their clients on specific financial products they sell - 401k, IRA, Mutual Funds, & Stocks, YFB teaches a proven personal financial literacy program that is based on 7 steps that allow people to get immediate control of their spending, debt, savings, and taxation. We have  a comprehensive financial management system that helps individuals and families effectively manage every aspect of their financial lives.


Get better results with the main focus being long term success and not just short term "Band-Aid" fixes. 

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