Is Sales for you?

In the beginning of my sales career I asked myself “Is sales really for me?”. Fifteen years later, not veering from the career much, I occasionally ask myself that same question. The only time one would ask such a question is when they aren’t selling or having a dry spell and feel they couldn’t sale 2 for $1 tacos at a Led Zeppelin concert.  If you have been in sales long enough you know what this feels like.

Most can agree that the reason they got into sales is for the money and the opportunity to make lots of it. With the utmost confidence we tell ourselves, “Yes, I can do that”, or “You’re telling me all I have to do is sale that and I can make xxxx.xx?, pft peace of cake”. What we aren’t asking ourselves is “What learning curve do I have to go through to get there?”, or “Am I able to overcome objections or handle rejection?”. For some, sales can come naturally or they have the right fit in the right industry. Seeing someone like that can make you feel like they are in a boat full of money floating down stream and you want the same thing. But the truth may be that you find yourself in a boat paddling upstream trying to find the same money.

Don’t ask yourself the question, “Is sales for me?” and give up there. Who knows, maybe that person in a boat full of money took 3 months or 5 years to get there. The truth is if it was so easy everyone would be doing it, but it’s not. In most industries I have been in it has taken me at least a year to get the hang of things and feel like I could be a rock-star in sales. Even more true is that everyone is in sales whether they like it or not. You are selling yourself to your boss, spouse, students or your children everyday. People and organizations are buying into you. So the real question becomes, “Do I have enough confidence to move forward and if not what do I need to do to get there?”.

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