Don't take it personally!

You're holding yourself back if you do.

Many times we encounter the rejection, let down, or complete disappointment in sales and relationship building. For the most part this is the biggest reason why people have a hard time selling, because they are afraid of failing. My advise is "Don't take it personally".

It's a lot easier said than done that is for sure, but if you are going to last in any position, especially sales, you have to learn this sooner. I didn't learn this until 5 years into sales and someone had said this to someone else. I realized at that moment my confidence was not as strong as others because I took it personally. Since then I have been very cognitive of when I am taking things too personal, even in relationships outside of business.

When we take things personally we aren't learning what the real reason why someone isn't buying into what we are selling. If someone is telling you the heart quenching, life changing, and the utter resentment "NO" it may be for many reasons; the product sucks, or it doesn't make sense, it's not the right time but very rarely will they come out and say "I am not buying this because of you". I, myself, would appreciate the honesty but for some that can be too much to bare.

Before making your pitch or asking for the sale take a moment and ask your self how you are going to respond when you hear that word "no". Asking them "why" is a simple question for a simple response. You could ask them specific questions as well, "Is it because of the product?", "Is it not the right time?", "Is it me?" Asking these questions can help them better understand why they aren't buying, and it will set them and you up to overcome the objection and create a solution that will make sense to both. If you don't think about how your going to respond it could lead to you taking it personal getting upset and causing a loss sale, any leads or having a good relationship with them in the future.

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