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Where is the pain?

Tonight I had some really nice Kirby vacuum salesmen come by to sell me their vacuum. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this vacuum it is a really good high end residential Vacuum that is retailed for over $3,000. They failed and I want to tell you why.

Let me start by telling you how their sales process and strategy works. They have a door knocker who sets up the appointment to clean a room for free. Great catch by the way! My wife, being one of the nicest woman you could meet, let them come by and clean and give us their spiel. The really nice gentleman cleans the carpets and shows us the benefits and features of the vacuum and towards the end he really try's to lay on the close with offering all kinds of discounts and kickbacks he can give us to bring the price down. Heck, he even told me if I wanted to donate 30 cans of food he would knock off $100 and the most they could do is up to 90 cans for $300. I was all for that.

He got it down to just above $2,000 and I still told him “No”. He then brought in the big guns, “The Closer”. Of course after them being in my home for an hour at night during dinner time and me feeding kids I still had things to do on top of this. I wasn’t super annoyed but it was time for them to go as I was not anywhere close to entertaining the idea of wanting the vacuum.

The “Closer” asked me a few more questions and lowered the price just a little more but I still told them “No”. I told them, “I just can’t justify buying a Bentley vacuum when my Subaru is doing just fine.” He then pointed to all the dirt the vacuum pulled out of the carpet and beds. I said, “Well it hasn’t killed me in the past decade I am sure I can wait a little bit longer”. We shook hands and he went on his way.

This is where they could have done better.